Honduran Migrant March: A refugee crisis caused by US Policy and US Partners



Solidarity with Refugees and Migrants!

Honduran Migrant March — A refugee crisis caused by US Policy and US Partners

On October 12, 2018, hundreds of women, men, children, youth and the elderly decided to leave Honduras as a desperate response to survive. The massive exodus that began in the city of San Pedro Sula, reached more than 3 thousand people by the time the group crossed to Guatemala. The caravan, which is headed north to Mexico first, and to the United States as the goal- is the only alternative this people have to reach a bit of the dignity that has been taken from them. They are not alone in their journey. Various waves of Hondurans, whose numbers increase every hour, are being contained by Honduran security forces on their border with El Salvador and Guatemala.

The Honduras Solidarity Network in North America condemns any threats and acts of repression against the refugee caravan, human rights activists and journalists that accompany their journey. The conditions of violence, marginalization and exploitation in which this refugee crisis find its origins, have been created, maintained and reproduced by US-backed social, economic and military interventionist policies, with the support of its Canadian and regional allies. We call on people in the US to reject the criminalization, prosecution, detention, deportation and family separation that threaten the members of this march and the lives of all those refugees forced from their homes in the same way. We urge a change of US policy in Honduras and to cut off security aid to stop human rights abuses and government violence against Hondurans.

This refugee crisis has been exacerbated by the governments of Guatemala and Mexico, who subservient to Donald Trump’s administration, have chosen the path of repression. Bartolo Fuentes, a Honduran journalist and spokesperson for the refugees, has been detained in Guatemala. Meanwhile the Mexican government has sent two planeloads of its National Police to the border with Guatemala. Irineo Mujica, a migrant rights activist and photojournalist, was arrested in Chiapas by agents of the Mexican National Institute of Migration when he was getting ready to support the Honduran migrant march. Today (Friday) in the afternoon, tear gas was fired into the group as they tried to come into Mexico on the border bridge. Honduran human rights organizations report that a 7 month old baby was killed.

The massive forced flight of people from Honduras is not new; it is the legacy of US intervention in the country. Since the 2009 US-backed coup in Honduras, the post-coup regime has perpetuated a system based on disregard for human rights, impunity, corruption, repression and the influence of organized crime groups in the government and in the economic power elite. Since the coup, we have seen the destruction of public education and health services through privatization. The imposition of mining, hydro-electric mega-projects and the concentration of land in agro-industry has plunged 66 percent of the Honduran population into poverty and extreme poverty. In the last 9 years, we have witnessed how the murder of Berta Cáceres and many other activists, indigenous leaders, lawyers, journalists, LGBTQ community members and students has triggered a humanitarian crisis. This crisis is reflected in the internal displacement and the unprecedented exodus of the Honduran people that has caught the public’s eye during recent days.

The fraudulent November 2017 elections, in which Juan Orlando Hernández -president since questionable elections in 2013- was re-elected for a second term in violation of the Honduran constitution, sparked a national outrage. The people’s outrage was confronted by an extremely violent government campaign with military and US-trained security forces to suppress the protests against the fraud. The result of the repression was more than 30 people killed by government forces, more than a thousand arrested and there are currently 20 political prisoners being held in pre-trial prison.

To the repression, intimidation and criminalization faced by the members of the refugee caravan, we respond with a call for solidarity from all the corners of the world. In the face of the violence that has led to the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of Hondurans, we demand an end to US military and security aid to Juan Orlando’s regime, not as the blackmail tool used by Donald Trump, but as a way to guarantee the protection of the human rights of the Honduran people. We demand justice for Berta Cáceres, for all the victims of political violence as a consequence of the post coup regime, and the approval of the Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act H.R. 1299. We demand freedom for all the  political prisoners in Honduras. We demand the US end the criminalization, imprisonment, separation, deportation and killing of migrants and refugees.

Today we fight so that every step, from Honduras to the north of the Americas, is dignified and free

Honduras Solidarity Network of North America

October 19, 2018


August 30 2018 – Solidarity with the Convergencia en Contra el Continuismo

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29 de Agosto 2018 August 29
Honduras Solidarity Network of North America

Solidarity with the Honduran People on August 30th

The Honduran people refuse to give up! They continue to organize and to resist, despite the deepening authoritarianism and violence from the regime and despite the continuing support for that regime by the United States and Canada. We continue to oppose the financial and political aid from the North American governments that facilitates the violence of government forces against the people. We are aware of the August 29 press conference and declaration from the Secretary of State, Security Forces via the National Police that create a threatening atmosphere against the protest. 

The Convergencia en Contra el Continuismo y Dictadura (Coalition Against the Continuation of the Dictatorship, has called for a massive mobilization in Tegucigalpa on August 30. The Convergencia is a broad coalition of human rights and social movement organizations, trade unions,  and other groups opposed to the coup regime that was founded in October 2017 in opposition to the unconstitutional re-election bid by Juan Orlando Hernandez. 

The mobilization has 7 demands that include justice for the victims of the November 2017 election crisis; freedom for the political prisoners; an effective fight against corruption and impunity; respect for the autonomy and rights of the indigenous and Black peoples; a new Integral Agrarian Reform; cancellation of the concessions for public natural resources; stop the attacks on the rights of the working class and that the current regime be declared unconstitutional and a process be implemented for a rapid return to constitutional order.  The Convergencia and its organizations are defending the right of the people to protest and to organize.

The HSN was formed after the 2009 coup in Honduras and HSN members have been witnesses to the violations of human rights, violence and intimidations over the years. We are disturbed by the continuation and escalation of these violations such as the recent attacks on students, threats and repression against Paujiles, Azacualpa and the Garifuna communities that are all defending their lands against mega-projects. 

Finally we join the Convergencia and other Honduran organization as they condemn the endless impunity that has denied justice to the victims of the 2009 coup, the assassinated indigenous, and campesino activists and the more recent victims of State violence during the post election crisis. 


Red de Solidaridad de Honduras de América del Norte (HSN)

!Solidaridad con el pueblo hondureño el 30 de agosto!

¡El pueblo hondureño se niega a darse por vencido! Continúan organizándose y resistiendo, a pesar de la profundización del autoritarismo y la violencia del régimen y a pesar del continuo apoyo a ese régimen por parte de los Estados Unidos y Canadá. Nosotros por nuestra parte, seguimos oponiéndonos a la ayuda financiera y política de estos gobiernos  que facilita la violencia de las fuerzas gubernamentales contra el pueblo. Tambien estamos al tanto de la conferencia de prensa del 29 de agosto y la declaración del Secretario de Estado de las Fuerzas de Seguridad a través de la Policía Nacional, una declaración que crea una atmósfera amenazante contra la protesta.

La Convergencia en Contra del Continuismo y Dictadura (Coalición contra la Continuación de la Dictadura) convocó a una movilización masiva en Tegucigalpa el 30 de agosto. La Convergencia es una amplia coalición de organizaciones de derechos humanos y movimientos sociales, sindicatos y otros grupos opuestos al régimen golpista que se fundó en octubre de 2017 en oposición a la propuesta de reelección inconstitucional de Juan Orlando Hernández.

La movilización tiene 7 demandas que incluyen justicia para las víctimas de la crisis electoral de noviembre de 2017; libertad para los presos políticos; una lucha efectiva contra la corrupción y la impunidad; respeto por la autonomía y los derechos de los pueblos indígenas y negros; una nueva Reforma Agraria Integral; cancelación de las concesiones para recursos naturales públicos; detener los ataques a los derechos de la clase trabajadora y que el régimen actual sea declarado inconstitucional y se implemente un proceso para un rápido retorno al orden constitucional. La Convergencia y sus organizaciones están defendiendo el derecho de las personas a protestar y organizarse.

El HSN se formó después del golpe de 2009 en Honduras y los miembros de HSN han sido testigos de las violaciones de los derechos humanos, la violencia y las intimidaciones a lo largo de los años. Nos inquieta la continuación y la escalada de estas violaciones, como los recientes ataques a estudiantes, las amenazas y la represión contra Paujiles, Azacualpa y las comunidades garífunas que defienden sus tierras contra los megaproyectos.

Finalmente, nos unimos a Convergencia y otras organizaciones hondureñas que condenan la impunidad infinita que ha negado la justicia a las víctimas del golpe de 2009, los indígenas asesinados y los activistas campesinos y las víctimas más recientes de la violencia del Estado durante la crisis postelectoral.


Honduras: Nine Years of Resistance and Repression


Link a la version en español esta abajo

Honduras: Nine Years of Resistance and Repression

Free Honduran Political Prisoners!

Stop Supporting Dictatorship!

Take Action in Canada & the US Here to Free the Political Prisoners

Take Action Here Against US Support for Honduran Regime

Take Action Here for the “Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act:

June 28, 2018, marks 9 years since the US backed coup d’etat in Honduras: 9 years of increasing violence and impunity, poverty and inequity for the Honduran people who made clear once again their rejection of the coup regimen in the elections held on November 26, 2017 —- election results that were overturned by fraud and repression.

The US government continues to support the Honduran regime politically and economically including millions of dollars of security/military aid that facilitates human rights violations. The Canadian government continues to support the extraction industry dominated by Canadian mining companies and other Canadian mega projects in tourism and energy industries. These projects  are responsible for environmental and health damage as well as the violent repression and displacement of indigenous communities.

A deep political crisis was triggered by widespread recognition of fraud and irregularities that allowed Juan Orlando Hernandez to declare victory in his re-election, (note: reelection is prohibited by the Honduran Constitution). The Hernandez regime met the post-election protests and rejection of fraud with massive repression, and a declared state of emergency: more than 30 people were killed most of them by the Military Police. Many hundreds were injured by army or police. All of these crimes remain in impunity with no information about any investigations. However, many protesters face ongoing legal actions against them by the government. More than 1300 were arrested during the post-election crisis. 23 people are recognized as political prisoners who are facing extremely severe charges and have been subjected to pretrial imprisonment without bail for months under terrible conditions.

Five of these political prisoners remain detained in prisons: Edwin Espinal and Raúl Álvarez in the maximum security prison La Tolva; Edy Gonzalo Valles in the maximum security prison El Pozo and Gustavo Adolfo Cáceres Ayala and José Gabriel Godinez Ávelar in the penitentiary in El Progreso. Arrests of activists continue and there will likely be more prosecutions as the regime continues the repression. We support demands by Honduran organizations to free all the prisoners and drop the politically motivated charges.

Another consequence of the crisis and US/Canadian support for dictatorship is a new upsurge in migration by Honduran men, women and children fleeing the crisis. The US government has implemented policies that violate international human rights and refugee standards, detaining thousands of migrants, refusing to accept petitions for asylum, violating due process, and infamously separating children, even infants, from their parents. Border Patrol agents use violence and live ammunition with impunity against the migrants at the border and are arresting members of humanitarian organizations attempting to give life-saving emergency care to the migrants in the desert border region. The crisis will deepen even more with the US withdrawal of temporary protected status (TPS) for Hondurans in January 2020. Some 50, 000 Hondurans who have lived legally in the US for decades, many who have US born children, will be forcibly returned to Honduras.

We demand that the US and Canadian government stop funding and supporting the regime in Honduras and end the mass deportations of refugees from Central America. We echo the Honduran people in demanding  “Freedom for the Political Prisoners” and  “Stop the Political Repression”. 

Link to English PDF HSNJune2018 (1)

Link to Spanish PDF- En Español ESPHSNJune2018 (1) (1)


Global Day of Action: Free Honduran Political Prisoners!


Join the Global Day of Action on
March 19th!

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Note: There are 2 Click Through Actions for this Alert!
For the Biggest Impact, Please Complete Both Below:

1. Contact Honduran Authorities

2. Contact US and Canadian Representatives

26 political prisoners in Honduras depend on your solidarity! Detained in the context of the 2017 electoral crisis and the pro-democracy protests to denounce the electoral fraud, the majority of the political prisoners are being held in pre-trial detention in horrific conditions in maximum security, military-run prisons. All could spend up to 2.5 years in jail before being sentenced by a judge. We demand that Honduran authorities immediately release all of the political prisoners and drop all charges against them!

For recognizing, supporting, and financing the current Juan Orlando Hernandez regime, US and Canadian authorities must also be held accountable, particularly for their involvement in supporting a regime that systematically violates basic human rights and the rule of law. Canada and the US are part of the problem. With your support we can achieve freedom for long-time activist Edwin Espinal and all the other political prisoners, and ensure that the voice of resistance of the Honduran people is not silenced! Add you voice to the global day of action and demand freedom for the political prisoners in Honduras!


19 de Marzo: Actúa: ¡Exige la libertad de los prisioneros políticos hondureños!

¡Únete al Día de Acción Global el 19 de marzo!

¡26 presos políticos en Honduras dependen de tu solidaridad! Detenidos en el contexto de la crisis electoral de 2017 y de las protestas en favor de la democracia para denunciar el fraude electoral, la mayoría de los presos políticos están detenidos en prisión preventiva en condiciones horrendas en cárceles de máxima seguridad y dirigidas por militares. Todos podrían pasar hasta 2 años y medio en la cárcel antes de ser sentenciados por un juez. ¡Exigimos que las autoridades hondureñas liberen inmediatamente a todos los presos políticos y retiren todos los cargos en su contra!

Para reconocer, apoyar y financiar el actual régimen de Juan Orlando Hernández, las autoridades de los Estados Unidos y Canadá también deben rendir cuentas, en particular por su participación en el apoyo a un régimen que sistemáticamente viola los derechos humanos básicos y el estado de derecho. Canadá y los EEUU son parte del problema. Con su apoyo podemos lograr la libertad para el activista de larga data Edwin Espinal y para todos los demás prisioneros políticos, y así asegurarnos de que la voz de resistencia del pueblo hondureño no sea silenciada. ¡Suma tu voz al día mundial de acción y exija libertad para los presos políticos en Honduras!

1. Contactar a los Autoridades Hondureños Contact Honduran Authorities

2. Contactar a diputados enEEUU y Canada Contact US and Canadian Representatives


Urgent Action: Free Edwin Espinal and All Political Prisoners


Demand the immediate release of EDWIN ESPINAL, and of all political prisoners in Honduras 

Long-time Honduran activist Edwin Espinal has been jailed on charges related to protests against election fraud in Honduras. Due to his activism, he has been subject to State harassment, violence, and threats since the 2009 coup d’état. Immediate action is required to push for Edwin’s release and to ensure his safety.


Long-time Honduran activist Edwin Robelo Espinal was arrested by police on January 19, on the eve of a week-long nationwide strike. Edwin faces a laundry list of trumped up charges: arson; property damage; and use of homemade explosive material. Edwin is also under State investigation for terrorism and criminal association related to damages to the Marriott Hotel, a multi-billion dollar US chain, during a January 12 protest in Tegucigalpa.

Thousands of Hondurans from all walks of life attended the January 12 action to protest the election fraud that robbed Opposition Alliance presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla of his victory in the November 26, 2017 general elections; the killings of more than 30 anti-fraud protesters and bystanders by state security forces; and the arrests of dozens of political prisoners during the ongoing post-electoral crisis. Edwin’s arbitrary arrest occurred in the context of the election fraud endorsed by the US and Canada, and designed to keep current President Juan Orlando Hernandez in power

Edwin is currently in pretrial detention. At the end of his initial hearing inside military facilities on January 22, the judge ordered pre-trial detention and sent Edwin to La Tolva, a high-security, U.S.-style prison. The prison has extremely restricted visitor access, is run by a military Coronel, and prisoners are only allowed one-hour of sunlight every two weeks amongst other horrific conditions. Although the case has been appealed by local Honduran human rights organization COFADEH, Edwin could remain in detention for two or more years waiting trial.

Edwin Espinal has been a target of state harassment for years

Edwin is an easy-going, kind man who draws young people of all ages to him. Edwin fiercely believes in organizing, supporting all forms of resistance, and solidarity with Honduran social movements and groups. He has never lost hope for change in Honduras.

Edwin’s strong and relentless conviction is what the Honduran government fears. Because of this, since the US- and Canadian-backed military coup in 2009, Edwin has been a constant target of State repression and harassment.

In 2009, Edwin’s partner, Wendy Elizabeth Avila, was killed after excessive exposure to tear gas when State forces violently evicted thousands of protesters gathered at the Brazilian Embassy to welcome ousted President Manuel Zelaya back into the country.

In 2010, Edwin was abducted and tortured by Honduran police, who were later acquitted – in the corrupted legal system – on all charges for their abuses.

One month before the fraudulent, violent 2013 elections, Honduran Military Police and canine units brought in by the Public Prosecutor’s Office illegally raided Edwin’s family’s home, claiming that he possessed drugs, money, and weapons. At the time, Edwin was involved in a community movement to stop the privatization of public soccer fields in his neighborhood used by impoverished youth with limited recreational spaces and resources.

In 2015, Edwin’s mom died in the social security hospital as a result of the $350 million dollar looting of the Honduran Social Security Institute (IHSS) orchestrated by the National Party, in power since 2010.

Edwin has been detained more than a dozen times since 2009 and has been beaten by security forces. The most recent beating was in December 2017 when he participated in a protest against election fraud in Tegucigalpa.

As a result of this constant persecution, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) granted Edwin protective measures in 2010. The measures were renewed in 2013, shortly after the illegal raid on his family’s home.

Edwin has been interviewed by Democracy Now!, Al Jazeera’s Fault Lines and in the documentary Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley. His story has also been featured in articles published by Truthout and POLITICO Magazine.

Edwin’s current detention on trumped up charges is one more example of systematic political persecution and targeting of anti-fraud protesters and political opponents of the government. The illegitimate and corrupt government of Juan Orlando Hernandez is targeting its own citizens – people like Edwin – while doing nothing to investigate the hundreds of killings and arbitrary arrests by State forces of social movement activists, protesters, journalists, lawyers, etc.

The legal proceedings against Edwin have completely violated Honduran law and due process. The case is being heard in “national jurisdiction” courts that, according to the charges against Edwin, have no jurisdiction over the case. The judge presiding over the case is the same judge that ordered the raid on Edwin’s house in 2013, which, according to Honduran law, is illegal. Edwin’s legal representatives were given one day (a Sunday) to prepare his defense and he was later sent to prison to await trial, which could take years.

Immediate action is needed for Edwin’s safety and release

We demand Edwin’s immediate release, as well as that of the more than 40 political prisoners throughout the country, and that all the trumped up charges be dropped.

To ensure Edwin’s immediate safety and access to justice, we demand that Honduran authorities immediately release Edwin. But in the meantime, we demand:

§  That Edwin be transferred to a detention center as determined by COFADEH (the Committee of Relatives of the Detained-Disappeared in Honduras), which has provided long-term legal and human rights support for him since 2009. Edwin is currently being held in a jail run by a military officer, and the facility has extremely restricted access for visits by family, friends, and human rights groups. These visits are crucial to help guarantee his safety and well-being while detained. To date, his family and his lawyers have not been able to visit him.

§  That Edwin’s case be transferred out of the “national jurisdiction” courts and into the regular court system.

Ongoing solidarity and action is also needed

§  We urge human rights delegations, journalists, and investigators to visit Edwin and other arbitrarily detained political prisoners experiencing repression in the context of the post-electoral crisis and the imposition of the Juan Orlando Hernandez regime.

§  Financial support for Edwin’s family is needed as they seek justice and work to ensure his safety and demand his release.

§  Contact the US, Canadian and Honduran representatives. See list below for contacts and demands.

For more information about Edwin’s case and the human rights situation in the country, CONTACT:

Website:  https://freeedwinespinallibertad.blogspot.com/

Facebook: Free EDWIN ESPINAL Libertad

Follow on Twitter: #FreeEdwinEspinal #LibertadEdwinEspinal

Email: freeedwinespinal@gmail.com

Karen Spring (English & Spanish)

Edwin Espinal’s long-time partner & the Honduras-based Coordinator for the Honduras Solidarity Network of North America (HSN)


(504) 9584-8572 

Bertha Oliva (Spanish Only)

General Coordinator, COFADEH



PLEASE CONTACT THE FOLLOWING AUTHORITIES: (Please send freeedwinespinal@gmail.com a copy or report back of your communication)

Contact Information for Honduran Authorities:

 Oscar Fernando Chinchilla

Fiscal General (Attorney General)

Ministerio Publico



Corte de Apelacion (Appeals Court)

Corte Suprema de Justicia (Honduran Supreme Court)

011-504-2275-5930 (can change last two numbers up until 37 so for example, 2275-5931, 2275-5932, etc)



§  Immediately drop the trumped up charges against Edwin and other political prisoners. Grant the appeal for Edwin’s case which would overturn the January 22 court decision which sent Edwin to prison to await trial.

§  Transfer Edwin to a detention center as determined by COFADEH.

§  Transfer Edwin’s case out of the “national jurisdiction” courts and into the regular court system.


Contact in United States

Your Senator and Congressional representative: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative

Heide Fulton

US Charge d’Affairs (Acting Chief of Mission)



Jason Smith

Human Rights and Labor Attache



§  To immediately address the issue of the political prisoners and pressure the Honduran authorities to drop all charges against Edwin and release all political prisoners immediately.

§  Insist to Honduran authorities that Edwin be transferred to a detention center as determined by COFADEH & that Edwin’s case be taken out of the “national jurisdiction” courts and heard by the regular Honduran court system.

§  Of US Congress members: to sign onto the Berta Caceres Act demanding suspension of US military aid to Honduras.

Contacts in Canada:

Your local Member of Parliament: https://www.ourcommons.ca/Parliamentarians/en/members

Ambassador James K. Hill

Embassy of Canada in Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua




Minister Chrystia Freeland

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Global Affairs Canada

House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6
Telephone: 613-992-5234
Fax: 613-996-9607


§  To immediately address the issue of the political prisoners and pressure the Honduran authorities to drop all charges against Edwin and release all political prisoners immediately

§  Insist to Honduran authorities that Edwin be transferred to a detention center as determined by COFADEH & that Edwin’s case be taken out of the “national jurisdiction” courts and heard by the regular Honduran court system


Honduras In Crisis – The People Say JOH Must Go!

The Honduran people have declared a national civic strike, demanding that Juan Orlando Hernandez give up his fraudulent claim to have won the elections in November and to stop his inauguration on January 27.

More than 35 people have been killed by military and police since the November 26th election. Hundreds have been injured and hundreds arrested.

Go to our FaceBook Page for frequent updates on the situation and actions.


Our Response to US Support for Hernandez

On December 22, 2017 the US State Department congratulated Juan Orlando Hernandez on his electoral victory. This video in Spanish and English is our response. The written document in English is HERE.

Diciembre 22, 2017 el departamento del Estado Estados Unidos declaro su apoyo para Juan Orlando Hernandez. Este video (en ingles e español) es nuestra repuesta. El documento escrito en español esta AQUÍ


New Letter from US Congress Members Reject Hernandez, Election Fraud and Violence

Twenty Eight members of the US Congress signed on to a letter initiated by Keith Ellison of Minnesota. The HSN worked to support this letter calls for suspension of all security  financing, notes the unconstitutionality of Hernandez’s run for re-election and condemns the blatant fraud and violence. The letter also calls on the US administration not to recognize Hernandez as he announces himself winner of the election and the members of Congress call for a new election. Here is the link to the official English.


The spanish translation follows:

Estimado Presidente Trump,

Honduras está en medio de una crisis electoral lo cual se ha convertido en una crisis política.  Los hondureños votaron el 26 de Noviembre, y el manejo de los materiales electorales por parte del gobierno desde ese entonces ha sido marcado por irregularidades y deficiencias severas y por denuncias generalizadas de fraude.  Estas inconsistencias han resultado en un llamado por parte del Secretario General de la Organización de Estados Americanos por nuevas elecciones, declarando que el proceso electoral falto integridad y que la única ruta para escuchar la voluntad del pueblo Hondureño es unas nuevas elecciones.  Estamos alarmados con reportes de la represión  de libertades básicas para los medios de comunicación e instamos que usted hace un llamado al gobierno de Honduras a cesar con el hostigamiento  de periodistas, medios de oposición y periodistas internacionales y garantizar y proteger la libertad de expresión en todas sus formas.

Instamos a su Administración a unirse con la Organización de Estados Americanos en su llamado a nuevas elecciones y respaldar el derecho del pueblo de Honduras a elecciones libres y justas de acuerdo con la ley de Honduras.  Creemos firmemente que observadores internacionales deben supervisar estas nuevas elecciones para asegurar la integridad del voto.

Adicionalmente, seguimos con preocupaciones sobre la candidatura de Juan Orlando Hernández porque la campaña del presidente actual para re-elección es una violación de la constitución de Honduras que explícitamente prohíbe la re-elección.   Esta flagrante violación de la ley hondureño sigue siendo un asunto de preocupación en adición a la falta de integridad de las elecciones.

Creemos que el pueblo de Honduras tiene el derecho de protestar pacíficamente y estamos alarmados con las acciones de las fuerzas de seguridad de Honduras.  Desde el 28 de Noviembre cuando el conteo de votos dio un giro dramático e improbable a favor del Presidente Hernández, las fuerzas de seguridad de Honduras han disparado munición viva en contra de manifestantes civiles protestando el fraude electoral.  Organizaciones hondureños de derechos humanos han documentado por lo menos 23 manifestantes y observadores ejecutados hasta la fecha por lo menos 12 asesinatos por manos de las fuerzas de seguridad estatales. Además, reportes indican que más de 1,500 personas han sido detenidas ilegalmente.  Reportes de golpizas, tortura y detenciones arbitrarias son generalizados.  Le instamos a dejar claro con el gobierno de Honduras que estos abusos tienen que cesar inmediatamente.  También hacemos un llamado a suspender todo asistencia para la policía y fuerzas armadas de Honduras mientras estos abusos por parte de las fuerzas de seguridad estatales de Honduras persisten y los responsables permanecen en la impunidad.

Anticipamos trabajar con usted para promover la paz y la democracia en Honduras.



HSN Declaration 12/8/2017: No Support for JOH’s Dictatorship!



Declaración: 8 de Diciembre/December 8, 2017 Declaration
English follows the Spanish.

¡No al apoyo a la dictadura! ¡Sí al apoyo de los hondureños!

Declaración de la Red de Solidaridad con Honduras sobre las Elecciones en Honduras 8 de diciembre de 2017

La Red de Solidaridad con Honduras (HSN por sus siglas en inglés) de Norteamérica condena de la manera más vigorosa posible la violencia y represión de los hondureños que están defiendiendo sus votos y

derechos humanos frente al fraude y la dictadura. Una delegación de observadores de derechos humanos, miembros de la Red de Solidaridad con Honduras (La Voz de los de Abajo Chicago, CODEPINK y Grupo de Trabajo sobre las Américas del Condado de Marin) acaban de regresar de Honduras, en donde estuvieron acompañado a los hondureños antes, durante y después de las elecciones del 26 de noviembre. El HSN entiende que la crisis electoral del 2017 es el resultado de la continuación del golpismo en Honduras desde el 2009, el cual fue apoyado por los gobiernos de E.U.A. y Canadá. En los 8 años y medio desde el golpe, el HSN se ha unido a organizaciones nacionales e internacionales para demandar un alto al financiamiento y capacitación en seguridad que ofrecen E.U.A. y Canadá al régimen, así como la asistencia de USAID. El HSN y nuestra delegación de derechos humanos han sido testigo de cómo estos años de apoyo al régimen han sido utilizados para reprimir y aterrorizar a los hondureños y al país para que acepten la elección fraudulenta. La certificación en Derechos Humanos que el Departamento del Interior de E.U.A. (U.S. State Department) le dio al régimen el 30 de noviembre es otro intento indignante de encubrir a un gobierno represivo en medio de una crisis política y de derechos humanos.

El HSN fue testigo de innumerables abusos de derechos humanos cometidos en un estado de impunidad. La organización hondureña de derechos humanos, el Comité de Familiares de Detenidos y Desaparecidos en Honduras (COFADEH), sacó a la luz un reporte el 6 de diciembre de 2017 que destaca los abusos cometidos por las fuerzas estatales de seguridad. COFADEH ha documentado 14 asesinatos (cometidos principalmente por la Policía Militar), 51 personas heridas (7 de gravedad) y 844 detenciones desde las elecciones del 26 de noviembre. Así como ocurrió con el golpe de 2009, estas violaciones masivas de derechos humanos no serán castigadas, mientras que nuestros gobiernos, como ha ocurrido hasta la fecha,

no dirán nada acerca de la violencia, la represión y los abusos cometidos bajo el gobierno de Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH) en contra de la población hondureña

El día de las elecciones, nuestra delegación fue testigo de la compra de votos y recibió, de parte de ciudadanos, reportes de fraude e intimidación. Uno de los equipos de la delegación fue sujeto a intimidación y amenazas de activistas pagados por el Partido Nacional (PN) en un centro electoral; y cuando un custodio electoral y un agente de policía intervinieron, también fueron amenazados por activistas del PN.

Reportamos esto para señalar la atmósfera represiva existente durante las elecciones, y por ende, la fuerza y valentía impresionantes manifestadas por las personas que desafiaron esta intimidación entonces y las de quienes siguen haciéndolo. El 28, 29 y 30 de noviembre, los miembros de la delegación fueron testigo y se vieron afectados por la represión masiva de la policía y el ejército en contra de las protestas no violentas afuera del lugar en donde se estaban contando los votos. Se disparó gas lacrimógeno indiscriminadamente y la policía y los militares golpearon violentamente a los protestantes, arrastrando a algunos de ellos adentro del lugar. Más aún, los agentes de policía reportaron haber recibido órdenes para abrir fuego con munición real en contra de los ciudadanos desarmados durante las movilizaciones masivas.

En base a los reportes de nuestra delegación, las organizaciones de derechos humanos y justicia social, y los medios independientes, así como los testimonios de las víctimas, añadimos nuestras voces al llamado vigoroso que demanda un alto a todo tipo de apoyo políticos y económico al régimen hondureño, un alto a la represión y el fraude continuos, y al no reconocimiento de cualquier régimen que se imponga a los hondureños.


No Support for Dictatorship! Support the Honduran People!

Honduran Solidarity Network Statement on Honduras Elections: December 8, 2017

The Honduras Solidarity Network (HSN) of North America condemns in the strongest possible manner the violence and repression against the Honduran people defending their vote and human rights against fraud and dictatorship. A human rights observer delegation of members of the Honduras Solidarity Network (La Voz de los de Abajo Chicago, CODEPINK, and Marin County Task Force on the Americas) have just returned from Honduras where they were with the Honduran people before, during and after the November 26th elections.

The HSN understands the 2017 electoral crisis to be a result of the on-going 2009 military coup d’état in Honduras, fully backed by the U.S. and Canadian governments. In the 8.5 years since the coup, the HSN has joined national and international organizations in demanding a stop to U.S. and Canadian security funding and training, and other assistance from USAID to the regime. The HSN and our human rights delegation in Honduras are witness to how the years of support for the regime is being used to repress and terrorize Hondurans and the country into accepting a fraudulent election. The US State Department’s November 30th certification of Human Rights is another outrageous attempt to whitewash a repressive government in the midst of a political and human rights crisis.

The HSN has witnessed countless human rights abuses committed in a state of impunity. Honduran human rights organization, the Committee of the Families of the Detained and Disappeared (COFADEH) issued a report on December 6, 2017 that outlines the abuses by state security forces. COFADEH has documented 14 assassinations (primarily by Military Police), 51 people injured (7 seriously), and 844 detentions since the November 26 elections. Just like after the 2009 coup, these mass violations will likely go unpunished and our governments, to date, have said nothing about violence, repression and abuses committed under the command of Juan Orlando Hernandez (JOH) against the Honduran population.

On election day our delegation witnessed vote buying and received reports from citizens of fraud and intimidation. One delegation team was the subject of intimidations and threats from the paid National Party (PN) activists at a polling station and when an official electoral custodian and a police officer intervened they were also threatened by the PN activists. We report this to highlight the repressive atmosphere during the elections, and therefore, the impressive strength and courage of the people defying this intimidation then and now. On November 28, 29 and 30th the delegation members witnessed and were affected by mass repression by police and military against non-violent protests outside the ballot counting facility. Tear gas was fired indiscriminately, and police and military beat protesters violently and dragged some people inside the facility. Furthermore, police officers report that they received orders to open fire with live ammunition on unarmed citizens during the massive mobilizations.

Based on our delegation reports, testimonies from victims and human rights and social justice organizations and independent media, we add our voices to the outcry demanding an end to all support, political and economic to the Hernandez regime, an end to the repression and continuing fraud, and no recognition of any regime imposed on the Honduran people.


En Defensa del Padre Melo – In Defense of Father Ismael ‘Melo” Moreno

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Statement by the Honduras Solidarity Network of North America

Our network emphatically rejects the recent accusations against Padre Ismael “Melo” Moreno made by the Rector of the National Autonomous University Julieta Castellanos on July 25, 2017 in which she accused the Padre and members of the Jesuit organizations in Honduras, as well as members of electoral opposition parties LIBRE and PINU of being responsible for the current crisis at the UNAH and of “fomenting anarchy”.

Members of the HSN are very familiar with the work of Padre Melo, Radio Progreso and ERIC-SJ over many years. That work has always been to understand the problems and needs of the majority of Hondurans, to give them a place in which to express themselves, and to advocate for solutions that would strengthen democracy and end conflict and violence – not foment it.

Ms. Castellanos’ assertions that Padre Melo is responsible for the crises and violence in the University is not only absurd but dangerous. It is part of a campaign to discredit critics of the Honduran regime and its officials; it seeks to intimidate free speech and political opposition and puts these defenders and communicators at risk for their lives. There is a pattern of such accusations by government officials and friends of the regime against Honduran and international DDHH groups and against Hondurans . Other well known targets of these inflammatory accusations have included Berta Caceres of COPINH (assassinated in 2016) and recently her daughters, as well as Berta Oliva of COFADEH. In Honduras, where impunity and human rights violations are endemic, these kinds of accusations are in fact threats and put the named defenders at a clear risk for physical violence, and even death.

Calls for the Rector and government to dialogue in good faith with the students, to comply with previous agreements with the students, and to end the criminalization and state repression against the student movement are necessary and legitimate activities for human rights defenders and for Honduran society.

We also are watching, with profound concern, the violence against the students. We condemn the selective assassinations of students and their family members, and the militarization of university campuses around the country that has been ongoing for many months. We have not forgotten the assassinations of other student activists in recent years such as 14 year old Soad Nicole Ham Bustillo, murdered in March of 2015 after denouncing President Hernandez on national TV.

We also condemn the general impunity for crimes against defenders of the environment, indigenous rights and land rights, of journalists and of those opposing the regime that include Berta Caceres Flores, Margarita Murillo and the hundreds more murdered since the coup in 2009.

The US and Canadian governments continue to provide substantial money, training and resources to the Honduran Security and Police apparatus. We continue to observe that this assistance only facilitates and helps to perpetuate human rights violations and state violence against the people of Honduras. This aid must be ended – or that reason we support the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act introduced in the US Congress on March 2, 2017.

We hold the Honduran government responsible for the safety and liberty of Padre Melo and the entire team of Radio Progreso and ERIC-SJ.

Honduras Solidarity Network in North America (HSN) July 31, 2017

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