Support the Honduras Solidarity Network

Due to a change in the way the Honduras Solidarity Network’s work has been funded, we are now leading a fundraising campaign to support the work of our in-country coordinator, Karen Spring. We are relying on you and our broad network to give generously in solidarity with the people of Honduras.

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Honduras is at a critical juncture right now, and it is unthinkable that the US/Canada Honduras Solidarity Network could be unable to honor Karen’s work and support our compañerxs in the country:

  • Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez’ brother, Tony, was just sentenced to life in prison in New York as a Drug Kingpin. Compelling evidence was given at the trial that the President himself benefited from and is involved in the drug trade. Karen attended the whole trial and provided live updates from the court on HSN’s twitter account @HondurasSol and in her blog Aquí Abajo.
  • The criminal trials with trumped up charges against Edwin Espinal, Raul Alvarez and other Honduran Political Prisoners for actions during protests or for the defense of the environment are about to open in Honduras.
  • The Covid-19 epidemic is raging in Honduras with little action on the part of the government.
  • Migrant caravans are fleeing drug violence, government repression, and the lack of government response to the back-to-back hurricanes last fall. HSN continues to distribute hurricane aid through established social movements while the government continues to steal official international aid.

We ask for your financial support to keep our work on the ground going. Please give as generously as you can. If we come together, we can achieve the goal of $30,000 and continue our work through the summer.

Can you give to the Honduras Solidarity Network? We are relying on you to contribute now so we can continue our work through the summer.

Thank you,

The Honduras Solidarity Network

PS.  Check out Karen’s new podcast, Honduras Now. The easy-to-access audio recordings will inform and activate even those of us with long commutes, busy schedules, and never-ending in-boxes!