Working Groups

Given that HSN member organizations have various interests, focuses, and strengths, various HSN Working Groups electronically meet roughly every month to discuss projects, actions, and coordinate efforts that are then reported back to HSN members.

HSN Outreach Group: Focused on getting more groups and individuals interested in the HSN’s work and solidarity efforts.

HSN Congressional Group: Focused on educating and mobilizing US and Canadian elected representatives on foreign policy in Honduras.

HSN Resource Extraction Group: Focused on issues of natural resource extraction, large-scale “development” projects, and their impacts on the human and collective rights of communities.

HSN Palm Oil Group: Focused on consumer actions in North America and denouncing the human rights and social impacts of African palm plantations in Honduras.

New Working Groups are created frequently by interested HSN members. It is not a requirement to be an HSN member organization to participate and work with a group. We encourage individuals looking for a platform to express their ideas to coordinate solidarity projects with Honduras, to get in touch with us:

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