Violence – Resistance – Continuation of the Coup

Violent attack against LIBREnatcongress zelayateargas

On May 13th military police under orders from the President of the Honduran National Congress attacked LIBRE Party members of Congress inside the congressional chambers with tear gas and batons sending several to the hospital, then the special tactical group of National Police (COBRAS) attacked the multitude of protesters from the National Front of Peoples Resistance and other social justice organizations who were outside the congress building. The LIBRE congress members were peacefully protesting inside Congress about the lack of basic parlimentary rights allowed to the opposition in Congress.

TV Globo Video of Attack by Hernandez Government on LIBRE

National Mobilization for Dignity and Sovereignty and Freedom for Chabelo Morales

caminatacarasMore than 300 people from social justice, resistance, campesino and indigenous groups started the mobilization that will arrive in  Tegucigalpa May 15th for protests on May 16th.


Communique:  National Mobilization of the Territories 

May 14 and 15 join the grand national mobilization of the Territories “For Dignity and Sovereignty” 

We are mobilizing to demand the immediate liberty of our political prisoner compañero, José Isabel Morales, “Chabelo”, whose complete right to prove his innocence has been violated, unjustly condemned to 17.5 years in prison, because of the power of political interests, in complete violation of his rights as a citizen and of the Constitution of the Republic. 

We are mobilizing to demand the derogation of the Law of Agricultural Modernization and for the approval of the Decree of the Law for “Integral Agrarian Reform with Gender Equity for Food and Development Sovereignty”

We are mobilizing to demand the derogation of the mining law and the exit of the Hydroelectric and Mining Projects from the Territories

We are mobilizing to demand the derogation of the Law that puts into effect the Special Development and Employment Zones (ZEDE) or what is called Charter Cities, and we demand the resolution of the suit challenging its constitutionality in the Supreme Court of Justice by representatives of organizations from the Social and popular movement. 

We are mobilizing to demand the investigation of the femicides at the national level by the State and the punishment of those who, protected by the impunity that prevails in the Justice system, continue to commit barbaric acts. 

More than three months after the takeover of City Hall in San Francisco de Opalaca, COPINH demands that the State of Honduras respect the process of the Indigenous Lenca Government of San Francisco de Opalaca, respect the Indigenous and legitimate Mayorship, for its ancestral and historic authority, unrestricted respect for its self-determination, territories and natural goods. We demand the official removal of the Imposed Mayor.

 The Mobilization will begin on Wednesday, May 14th in the morning, leaving from the community of Zambrano.  Arrival in Tegucigalpa is planned for Thursday the 15th and we call for participation from the Popular Resistance; FNRP Collectives; Base Organizations of the Social and popular urban movement,  artists, writers, feminists, Youth, Leftist Political Organizations; LGBT Organizations and all the organizations that are in the struggle against the oppressor system and the continuation of the Coup d’E’tat of 2009, organizations in struggle against neoliberal policies, imperialism and the patriarchy.

It is important to count on the solidarity of the citizenry in general, to bring water, basic grains (beans, rice, etc.) fuit, vegetables, mattresses, blankets and medicines for during the march and especially for the indefinite vigil that we will maintain beginning May 15 in the plaza below the National Congress. 

  “Listen People and Join in the Struggle!”

Liberty for Jose Isabel Morales Chabelo Now!

For an Integral Agraria Reform: Raise the Banners of Struggle!

Mining and Hydroelectric Projects: Out of Honduras!

Sovereignty YES! ZEDE or Charter Cities NO!

Justice! Justice! Justice!…Stop Stop the Femicides!

Called by: Regional Agrarian Platform of the Aguan )MOCRA, MARCA, MUCA, MCA, EARigores, EA Vallecito, EAGregorio Chavez, EA Salado Lis Lis);Team for Reflection, Investigation and Communication (ERIC); Intermunicipal Association and Social Force of Honduras (AIDEVISH);Organizations of the Platform for the Social and Popular Movement; National Center for Rural Workers (CNTC), Northern Region;Coordinator of Popular Organizations of the Aguan (COPA);Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras ;(COPINH)Fraternal BLack Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH);Broad Movement for Dignity and Justice (MADJ);National Network of Human Rights Defenders; Ecumenical Institute for Community Services (INEHSCO); Community Commercialization Network (Red COMAL);National Front of Popular Resistance (FNRP); Honduran Chapter – Grouping of Social Movement to ALBA, ALBAMOVIMIENTOS