Update from La Kennedy neighbourhood in Tegucigalpa

Escuela Pedro Nufio (Neighbourhood La Kennedy)

At 6:30 the electoral kits had not arrived to the school. None of the polling stations were ready, but the members were there.

At 8:30 we came back. There was a person complaining because his polling station (MER 09055) the members of the polling station were not wearing the badges. They then put then on.
At the same polling station a guy complained about an observer with a vest identifying himself as member of the FEDERACIÓN Luterana Mundial was telling the members of the polling station how to do things. He did not had a badge. We asked him and he said the federation did not have time to give badges to all of them. He was with 2 more people.

The of the polling stations at the school were doing fine.

There were some mitlitary members (green) and some national police members (blue).

Outside there was a tent of Partido Nacional.

Escuela Roberto Sosa (Neighbourhood La Kennedy)

All the polling stations were open on time but one (MER 09060). That one apparently the representatives did not show up, so the replacements took over but they were inexperienced. The first person that voted did to wrong because they did not stamp her vote before being deposited in the box.

Military members outside.