Military Presence at Radio Globo

radioglobo_militarizationReporters at Radio Globo are commenting live on the air (at the time of this post) that the military has established a presence at the site of the station’s transmitter in Cerro de Canto Gallo. Radio Globo is one of the strongest voices on the airwaves. The broadcast on via TV and radio. The original denouncement published by the station is published below…

The announcer is quoted: “We have not requested this [military] presence. They want to use this to pressure us and shut us up, but Radio Globo will be on the air, whatever it takes…”

HSN Note: Radio Globo was one of the few media outlets to refuse to sign the “Media Pact,” in which major media outlets essentially gave up their right to contradict government pronouncements on the election.

For Spanish speakers, take an opportunity to listen live:

Radio Globo denuncia en este momento, al filo de las 6:20 am, que autoridades militares llegaron desde anoche al Cerro de Canta Gallo, donde se instalan los equipos de transmisión de señales de radio Globo y Canal 11, medios que no se sometieron a la mordaza mediática que el TSE pretende imponer en el país

Desde anoche los militares se han tomado las instalaciones donde se ubican las antenas de transmisión de Radio Globo, Globo TV y Canal 11. No podemos callar frente a este nuevo atropello de las Fuerzas Armadas de Honduras.

Un triste recordatorio de como el 28 de junio de 2009 los militares asaltaron las instalaciones, lanzaron ácido, rompieron cables y portones para dejar a Radio Globo fuera del aire.

Este es un nuevo atentado contra la libertad de expresión y una amenaza contra la vida. Se pidieron explicaciones a los voceros militares pero nadie se responsabilizó de semejante abuso.

Pedimos al Presidente que intervenga, llame al jefe de las FFAAH a que explique porqué la militarización de las antenas de radio y televisión ubicadas al oriente de la capital.

[English translation of Radio Globo’s statement]

Radio Globo denounces, that at this time, approxmiately 6:20am, military authorities arrived, since last night, at the antennas of transmission for Radio Globo and Channel 11 , stations which did not submit to the gag order that the TSE (Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribunal) aims to impose on the country.

Since last night the military have occupied the facilities where the antennas are of transmission of Radio Globo, Globo TV and Channel 11. We can not remain silent against this new attack of the armed forces of Honduras.

A sad reminder of how on June 28, 2009 the military raided facilities, they threw acid, smashed cables and gates to take Radio Globo out of the air.

This is a new attack on freedom of expression and a threat to life. Requests for explanation were made to military spokesmen, but nobody has taken responsibility for the abuse.

We call on the President to intervene, call the head of the FFAAH to explain the radio and television antennas located to the East of the capital have been militarized.