A Raffle to Ensure Rapid Data Collection

hola election dayIt seems that the National Party values efficient data collection. That’s why they’ve launched a raffle for 25 – 8GB tablet computers to the thousands of party  voting table coordinators who get their voting tally sheet copies into the party offices on time.

We don’t allege that this represents any kind of election violation. We simply present it to give a little flavor to the back story of the election.

–HSN Election Team

The following is the text from the memo sent to National Party Activists
(Translation by JW for the HSN/AGJ Montoring Team)

“Grand Raffle for 25 Tablets of 8GB

Dear Voting Table Members and Alternates of our Grand National Party:

Thanks for your committed support in this electoral season. Thank you for your great effort and work to verify and care for our party’s votes and vote tally registers throughout the election until the last moment.

We want to inform that all of you will be participating in the raffle for 25 tablets (photo attached)  that will take place on the 26th of November at 11 in the morning.

Only National Party voting table members and alternates will participate in this raffle, and the copies of the vote tally registers should be sent in to the party Communications Office before dawn on November 25, at the latest.

Make sure to pressure the Voting Center Coordinators and the others in charge so ensure that these registers are sent at the correct time to the party Communications Office and you can participate and have the opportunity to win this precious gift.

This gift is sponsored by the Grand Leaders of our party: Dr Roberto Gamez (Beto) and Jhony Handal (Coyote).