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Update from a National Lawyers Guild Team in Tegucigalpa

From the National Lawyer’s Guild in Tegucigalpa:

Neighbourhood: El Reparto [Escuela Republica de Chile]

The team arrived to the voting station at 5:45 am. There was a chaotic scene outside with approximately 250 people trying to get through the main door. There were 3-4 military soldiers and 1 police at the center.

At the voting center, there are 26 voting tables receiving a total of 9,353 votes
There are two lines of people waiting to vote. Each line is taking approximately 2 hours to get to the voting tables. People are frustrated about the long wait.

The location of the voting center is a small school that is like a labyrinth. Its very difficult to access and find the rooms where the voting is taking place. The scene is very hectic.


Honduran Migration Officers Intimidating International Observers

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This morning, Honduran officers from Migración y Extranjería arrived at the installations where HSN Northern delegations are staying and training in El Progreso, requesting that they speak to the HSN group. Since the group was in San Pedro Sula participating in a press conference, the Officers checked the IDs and documents of the Hondurans that work with ERIC that were present.

At approximately 7:00 pm, the Migration Officers showed up again to FRAGUA [adjacent to the ERIC offices] during the HSN training and began checking all documents of the HSN group. They are also requesting a meeting with the group for next Tuesday to handle the issue. All HSN delegates are U.S. citizens and provided the necessary documents requested by the Officers.

In another incident of intimidation, one of the van drivers of another HSN delegation was approached by an unknown man this morning, as he was waiting for the group in the parking lot. The unknown individual was insisting that the van driver provide information about the group including where they were going, what they were doing, etc. The unknown individual was taking pictures of the van and the license plate of the vehicle as well.

This is nothing but pure intimidation against the group, all of which have ‘International Accompanier’ credentials from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE).