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Irregularities & concerns from HSN team in Tocoa, Colon.

* Young women with blue t-shirts of the National Party (but unidentified) help Elderly women go to vote in the School Colonia Suyapa in the Salama community.

* In all the centres that we have seen, there are people without photos on the voting registry or pictures that do not coincide with identification card.

* There have been problems with the test scanner at several polls of Tocoa. The copy of the test report could not be printed in the center of vote school Dionisio de Herrera.
* There are reports that the National Party has been pressuring elderly people to vote for them.
* There have been testimonies taken by the HSN teams that report that the Liberal Party has attempted to buy people’s vote.
* Sample ballots being distributed indicating which candidate to vote for from the National Party, Liberal party and LIBRE party.


Report: Five People are Killed in La Mosquitia (Gracias a Dios) at Dawn on Election Day

Five people were shot dead by unidentified men in the Caribbean region of Honduras,  a few meters away from a polling station, said Maylo Wood, the Deputy (legislative representative) for the Department of Gracias a Dios. The killings occured near a polling station.

The incident occurred at 6:30am local time (12.30 GMT) in the village of Bethlehem, in the Caribbean province of Gracias a Dios , known as La Mosquitia , bordering Nicaragua , Wood told reporters.

Two of the five victims, who until now have not been identified, died at the scene. Three others died at the Gracias a Dios state hospital, said the Deputy.

So far, the Honduran authorities have not said whether the incident is related to the electoral process, but the incident caused panic among those responsible for the polling and voters.

La Mosquitia is a region wrought with violence generated by drug gangs, who use the Honduras as a bridge for the shipment of cocaine from South America to the United States in planes and speedboats.

Last year, Honduran authorities seized more than 5,000 kilos of cocaine and about 20,000 kilos of pasta pseudoephedrine for the manufacture of ecstasy pills in different operations.

Article in Spanish:


Smaller Political Parties Selling Credentials to National Party

Four separate testimonies taken by an HSN observation team sent to Rio Abajo [a community just outside of Tegucigalpa] reported that “the smaller political parties have sold their MER [voting table representation] to the National Party”

This was a concern expressed by various municipal candidates of the FAPER/UD alliance who threatened to renounce their candidacy because their political party was selling their representation at the voting table.

As reported in La Prensa, “the candidates that we are ready to resign we are four, of the municipalities of San Jose Comayagua, Meambar, Taulabé and Siguatepeque, because we do not want to be a part of the corruption”.

Having more representatives at the voting tables is critical during the vote count and scrutiny because all members of the table must determine together what votes are null and valid. More representatives of one party will skew the ratio.


Update from La Kennedy neighbourhood in Tegucigalpa

Escuela Pedro Nufio (Neighbourhood La Kennedy)

At 6:30 the electoral kits had not arrived to the school. None of the polling stations were ready, but the members were there.

At 8:30 we came back. There was a person complaining because his polling station (MER 09055) the members of the polling station were not wearing the badges. They then put then on.
At the same polling station a guy complained about an observer with a vest identifying himself as member of the FEDERACIÓN Luterana Mundial was telling the members of the polling station how to do things. He did not had a badge. We asked him and he said the federation did not have time to give badges to all of them. He was with 2 more people.

The of the polling stations at the school were doing fine.

There were some mitlitary members (green) and some national police members (blue).

Outside there was a tent of Partido Nacional.

Escuela Roberto Sosa (Neighbourhood La Kennedy)

All the polling stations were open on time but one (MER 09060). That one apparently the representatives did not show up, so the replacements took over but they were inexperienced. The first person that voted did to wrong because they did not stamp her vote before being deposited in the box.

Military members outside.



Update from the HSN team in Gracias, Lempira: Voting is slow

HSN team in Gracias reports that they have visited 5 voting centres in Gracias and in small, poor communities outside of Gracias.

There are long lines at the voting centres and the team leaders mentioned that he “doesn’t see how they can get all the voters through before 4:00 pm.” Approximately 350 people vote per table and it is taking at least 1 minute or more for people to cast their votes.

Overall, they report a positive mood at the tables and in the voting centres. The members of MER (Voting tables) are upbeat.