Karla Lara on Tour in the U.S.

Respect, Dignity, and Resistance Tour 2014

Karla Lara is a pkarlalara_cropolitical activist, singer/songwriter, and women’s rights advocate from Honduras. She tells the story of many women, and it is her intention for women to see reflections of themselves in her work. Her music portrays the tension between the harsh realities that women face and the hope and persistence required to fight for human rights. She began singing in 1985 with the Choir of the National Autonomous University of Honduras and with the musical group “Rascaniguas.” In 1988 she left Honduras to join the musical group “Cutumay Camones” from El Salvador, a musical group that was very important in the revolutionary music scene during the war of liberation in El Salvador. Karla is part of the National Network of Human Rights Defenders in Honduras and has been a prominent voice in the Honduran Resistance Movement that arose in opposition to the 2009 military coup d’état. Karla returned to Honduras in 2002, but continues to travel the world performing and raising awareness for social justice issues in Honduras and beyond.

For appearance listings and contact info: Karla.Lara.Fall.2014.Tour (2)

HSN member organizations are working with the tour and/or hosting events in several cities:

Portland Info: http://kboo.fm/events/honduranjazzartistkarlalarainportland

Chicago Info: https://www.facebook.com/lavozdelosdeabajo



The information about Karla Lara is from the Student Organization for Latin American Students at the University of New Mexico – one of the groups hosting Karla.
for more info:  aaronmont@gmail.com     Karla.Lara.Fall.2014.Tour (2)