“Defend in the Streets what we have won”

At a packed press conference tonight  Xiomara Castro Zelaya announced that without a count and audit of all the tallies (acts) they do not accept the results from the TSE and will not recognize  any government as legitimate that results from those false election results. “To the streets” “We will defend peacefully in the streets what we have won” ” We will win in the streets and we  defeated them  at the ballot box!


” We have shown that the victory of LIBRE is the people’s will through their votes and it is being stolen by those who have made the electoral system into a farce..” “Those who kill everyday with hunger, cannot kill our hopes!”

This came after a detailed presentation summarizing with specific examples, the inconsistencies in the tallies, the outright fraud in the tally sheets, in the assignation of credentials to the members of Electoral Tables (election judges), error and fraud in the voter rolls  and transmissions of final counts  to and by the TSE, and the observations of numerous observation groups which when combined with LIBRE’s own partial recounts and audits that have shown LIBRE victories in areas declared by the TSE to be National Party.DSC04015Photos – Alexy Lanza