Voting table Representative Caught Counting LIBRE votes as PAC votes.

A text message from a HSN team in the Neighbourhood Las Mercedes:

6:56 PM “At a table in Simon Bolivar [school] in the neighbourhood Las Mercedes, table members caught one person recording the votes for LIBRE as a vote for PAC two separate times in the Presidential count. When they finished, the votes at the end did not add up and they reopened the envelopes to count again.

It seems they had miscounted the number of votes not cast. There are at least 30 tables at this centre and they are not in numerical order making one table difficult to find during voting and at least one person was ready to give up at one point because he couldn’t find his table.”

7:22 PM “Also its a madhouse here. The main doors are wide open. National party people periodically scream ‘Juan Orlando’ and its loud and hard to concentrate”