Update from a National Lawyers Guild Team in Tegucigalpa

From the National Lawyer’s Guild in Tegucigalpa:

Neighbourhood: El Reparto [Escuela Republica de Chile]

The team arrived to the voting station at 5:45 am. There was a chaotic scene outside with approximately 250 people trying to get through the main door. There were 3-4 military soldiers and 1 police at the center.

At the voting center, there are 26 voting tables receiving a total of 9,353 votes
There are two lines of people waiting to vote. Each line is taking approximately 2 hours to get to the voting tables. People are frustrated about the long wait.

The location of the voting center is a small school that is like a labyrinth. Its very difficult to access and find the rooms where the voting is taking place. The scene is very hectic.