Smaller Political Parties Selling Credentials to National Party

Four separate testimonies taken by an HSN observation team sent to Rio Abajo [a community just outside of Tegucigalpa] reported that “the smaller political parties have sold their MER [voting table representation] to the National Party”

This was a concern expressed by various municipal candidates of the FAPER/UD alliance who threatened to renounce their candidacy because their political party was selling their representation at the voting table.

As reported in La Prensa, “the candidates that we are ready to resign we are four, of the municipalities of San Jose Comayagua, Meambar, Taulabé and Siguatepeque, because we do not want to be a part of the corruption”.

Having more representatives at the voting tables is critical during the vote count and scrutiny because all members of the table must determine together what votes are null and valid. More representatives of one party will skew the ratio.