Irregularities & concerns from HSN team in Tocoa, Colon.

* Young women with blue t-shirts of the National Party (but unidentified) help Elderly women go to vote in the School Colonia Suyapa in the Salama community.

* In all the centres that we have seen, there are people without photos on the voting registry or pictures that do not coincide with identification card.

* There have been problems with the test scanner at several polls of Tocoa. The copy of the test report could not be printed in the center of vote school Dionisio de Herrera.
* There are reports that the National Party has been pressuring elderly people to vote for them.
* There have been testimonies taken by the HSN teams that report that the Liberal Party has attempted to buy people’s vote.
* Sample ballots being distributed indicating which candidate to vote for from the National Party, Liberal party and LIBRE party.