Article from BBC News: Honduras voters choose new president amid tight security

Honduras voters choose new President amid tight security article from BBC News: Latin America and the Carribean, discusses the death of 5 individuals in the eastern department of Gracias a Dios [an area known as La Moskitia]

“Queues started forming early in the morning and a high turn-out is expected, authorities said.The polling stations opened at 07:00 local time (13:00 GMT) and close at 17:00 at the latest. Around 5.4m Hondurans are registered to vote.The most serious incident on Sunday was the killing of five men a few metres away from the polling station of Juan Francisco Bulnes, in the eastern La Mosquitia, close to the border with Nicaragua.Initial reports said it was not clear whether the crimes, which happened shortly before the opening of the polls, had any links to the elections. Authorities say the shooting caused panic and delayed the start of the process in the town.”