Delegations to Honduras

HSN and its member groups organize delegations to Honduras to accompany the resistance movement, communities in struggle and human rights defenders. 

Join Us in an Upcoming Delegation:

March 16-25: Witness for Peace:Truth Telling as Resistance: Journalists, Storytellers, and Mediamakers in Honduras 

March 22-25: COPINH  Anniversary Assembly – various HSN member groups are going.

April 8-15: AFGJ and La Voz de los de Abajo: focus on political prisoners and criminalization of social movements (campesinos)

May 19-24: Faith Leaders group delegation to  accompany Padre Melo and others back to Honduras after their US speaking tour. 

May 25-June 3: Witness for Peace:Youth Transforming Social Justice May 25 – June 3

June 1 – 10: Witness for Peace:Fight for Reparations

July 23- August 1: Witness for Peace:The Human Rights Crisis in Honduras



Past HSN Delegations:

November 20-December 4 2017: La Voz de los de Abajo and CODEPINK human rights accompaniment during the 2017 Honduran elections.
 Feb. 17-26, 2017 Contrast an Compare: Nicaragua and Honduras.  Sponsored by: Alliance for Global Justice, Code Pink, and Friends of the ATC* For an application, send an email to (click on image to download flyer)  A unique delegation to compare two neighboring countries whose shared history contains many similarities and even greater differences. 
Cross Border Network for Justice and Solidarity. Honduras Women in Resistance: August 5-13, 2016. From beautiful Santa Barbara whose environment and people are threatened by dam projects, to Choloma where maquila workers make our clothes and resist sweatshop conditions, to the Port of Cortes to understand the supply chains and see Honduras’s beautiful northern beaches,, to Vallecito, a reclaimed model community of the Garifuna, threatened by tourist expansion, the palm oil barons and narco traffickers.  We ask what does feminism mean in Honduras?
  Honduras: Human Rights Accompaniment for Communities in Struggle – Alliance for Global Justice/HSN and Code Pink.     Honduras: Human Rights Accompaniment. June 27-July 6 2016:  Since the June 28, 2009 coup, Honduras has become a virtual failed state where the ruling party’s police and military operate with total impunity, foreign mining and tourism industries poison the land and appropriate indigenous land, and where local elites threaten and kill agricultural cooperatives in order to expand African Palm plantations to provide palm oil to the US market. We will spend time with the Lenca indigenous community of La Esperanza where COPINH leader Berta Caceres was murdered in March.
June 4-12, 2016  Honouring The Life And Work Of Berta Caceres:The Mir Centre for Peace at Selkirk College and Rights Action. Connecting the Dots from Local to Global: What Do The U.S. And Canada Have To Do With Repression, Human RIghts Violations, Corruption and Impunity in Honduras?   As Honduras struggles through the aftermath of the March 3, 2016 assassination of Berta Caceres and attempted assassination of Gustavo Castro, come and be in solidarity with and learn about the work and vision of Berta and her family, of her organization COPINH, and of community groups across Honduras working courageously for alternatives to the oftentimes violent imposition of “first world” dominated global economic, military and political systems.  situation in Honduras.
Agricultural Missions, Inc (AMI) a Honduras Solidarity Delegation to honor BERTHA CÁCERES, COPINH and the LENCA people in struggle.WHEN:  April 28 to May 6, 2016 ..  To document the criminalization of the work of COPINH and overall state of impunity in Honduras.  To learn from our inspiring partners.   To hear and, upon our return, retell the stories of the Lenca and other indigenous and campesino peoples and organizations of Honduras.  To energize and focus the movement for justice in Honduras in the U.S.  To prepare ourselves for effective accompaniment and advocacy on behalf of those whose sacrifices we cannot allow to have been made in vain.  
Communities Resisting Land Grabs and the Drug War in Northern Honduras  –   January 8-16, 2016. The U.S.-led Drug War and tourist and palm oil industries are decimating traditional land rights and violating the collective and human rights of Afro-indigenous peoples and campesinos in Northern Honduras. Join us for a delegation to investigate the issues and accompany the people. Join Task Force on the Americas, Cross Borders Network, and HSN
Alliance for Global Justice Bi-National Delegation, July 22-August 1, 2015: 
Honduras and Nicaragua are neighbors and among the most impoverished countries in Latin America. They share the same climate and much of the same history from colonial times to independence. One country had a revolution in 1979 which today is being further developed, particularly through ALBA, the cooperative trade alliance. The other country had no revolution but its membership in ALBA was one factor in a US-backed military coup in 2009. The negative effects of that coup are evident.
Sponsored by Cross Border Network for Justice and Solidarity
May 22nd to 31st, 2015. What happens when you take out all the stops of democracy and economic sovereignty and give free rein to militarists and global corporations? Since the 2009 coup, the Honduran government, backed by the U.S. the IMF and other International Financial Institutions, has become a laboratory for ruthless neoliberal experimentation.
La Voz de los de Abajo – International Week of the Disappeared in Honduras May 23-June 1, 2015 Forced disappearances by death squads and security forces are a global problem that has reappeared  in Honduras since the June 2009 coup that created a human rights crises including a new wave of forced disappearances that rivals the situation in the 1980’s. Our delegation will participate in activities with the Committee of the Disappeared Detainees in Honduras (COFADEH) and other human rights defenders  in commemoration of the disappeared both past and present.  

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